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Salem Spirit of Life
Carolyn Barcus
Salem Spirit Of Life Members Testimonies
" I may have talked about this before however it came to me to tell this again. For the past three years I have driven to Newberg and of course back home in every kind of weather conceivable. I remember very well when I was introduced to Oregon fog. The kind of fog you can barely see the road in front of you. The road from Brooklane Road to River Road NE comes to a junction where I would turn to drive to St. Paul. I cannot remember how many times I almost or would have missed the turn if the farmer's in the area didn't have their porch lights on. I grew to have such a deep appreciation for these people even though we had never met. Little light beacons along the road to help me reach my destination. Reverend Jill Nelson once told a story about a boy who was lost out in the woods and it was cold and dark. Then to his amazement he saw a light coming towards him. Small at first but he was so happy to see this light and know someone was coming to find him. So she posed this question to us. Would you rather stay out in the dark lost or go with the one who has the flashlight? Well all of us chose the guy with the flashlight. Pretty much makes sense right? Jesus is our beacon in this life and so is our church. I know in my heart that even the one timers who have come or the ones who came for awhile and went out to walk a new path remember the love in our SSOL home. That is what SSOL means to me. Sanctuary, Serenity, Peace and a Home full of love with a dad (our Pastor) who loves and likes each of us unconditionally."

Salem Spirit Of Life takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our Members to grow more in christ.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share some testimonials from our Members:
"Since Day 1 at Salem Spirit of Life Church I was warmly welcomed. I have been attending for over two years now, and my faith is being restored and my walk with God is now a daily occurrence. The folks at Salem Spirit of Life Church are some of the friendliest most honest people I know, and I believe others should take the opportunity to get to know our congregation."
"An opening congregation for all people to worship. My spiritual home. A peaceful place to come to be with old friends and to meet new friends. A special place for me to come and enjoy the peace and love of the Holy Spirit without prejudices."